How to aphrodisiac! How to eat aphrodisiac is better?

In the eyes of many people, all kinds of aphrodisiac drugs are life-saving straws for males who are indefensible. As long as they follow the doctor’s advice, they will be able to get rid of the disease. However, according to reports, sex experts estimate that 30% of ed (erectile dysfunction) men need to take anti-oxidants while taking drugs to get more “sexual well-being.” Professor Tegada, Dean of the Institute of Sexual Sciences of Madrid, Spain, was invited by the Singapore Men’s Health Research Association to report to the country that a group of men represented by diabetes, hypertension and hyperlipidemia often have excess in the body. Free radicals. They will destroy in the human body, and small cells and tissues of an organ will be destroyed, and large amounts of DNA will invade the human body, causing disease and causing oxidative fatigue. And this excess free radicals may impair the efficacy of the aphrodisiac food and drugs, which makes it difficult to obtain a satisfactory erection after taking the drug. Professor Tegada said: “There are currently no good antioxidants on the market. People still rely on a lot of vitamin C and vitamin E to offset the oxidative fatigue, but I think it is not enough to take these two drugs alone. He hopes that the combination of exercise and a safer and more effective antioxidant can help such men completely get rid of sexual problems. Professor Tegada is currently studying a combination of therapies and hopes to address the sexual problems of such patients by combining aphrodisiac and anti-oxidant drugs. However, clinical studies of this new therapy are estimated to be completed in 7 to 10 years.