How is the office romance created?

The company has a new lady who wants every man to want to see more, and you are more willing to win her. Don’t worry? Don’t worry, the following suggestions can help you stand out from the diligence of many male colleagues and eventually win her heart. Method 1. Praise other female colleagues in front of her to praise other female colleagues is very attractive, this is a good way to understand whether she is interested in you. Observing her reaction, ecstasy, or do you think that you are childish and ridiculous? If she really feels a little troubled because of this, she is likely to want your praise. Method 2, independent of the crowd and keep away from the men who are surrounded by her all day and desperate. These people are already conquered in her eyes, and you are still a challenge to her. Method 3. Try to adjust the time when you get off work, so that you can get the job done at the same time. But it must be done cleverly. If you get the right time, just leave the office with her, you can have the opportunity to go. This is one of the best opportunities to get to know a woman better. At least, you can figure out if she knows your existence. Method 4, let her accidentally hear your conversation with a female friend without letting her hear too much, just let her see how good you are to make friends and family laugh, and therefore find out how much you know how to enjoy life. People are enough. She would therefore like to be the person at the end of the phone, and then this kind of thing will happen. How to make a foreplay to make a woman have a sexual desire method 6. Don’t be drunk and flirt with other female colleagues seems to be very obvious. What’s more, once this happens, women often don’t hesitate to write off your work. When I think that you may be dating a woman sitting next to her at the same time, she will never be able to leave you in consideration. Method 7, using your strengths, she knows who is the most handsome man in the office. However, we are not participating in the model contest. Don’t give up easily because you don’t look good. Take the initiative to talk with her, make her happy, and even flirt with her (carefully). Just don’t let her see your plan. Remember, if you don’t have a personality, a beautiful man will soon get bored. If you are humorous, talkative, and understanding, you have a bigger advantage. Method 8, showing respect and attention to others This is a move that requires a good grasp of the measure. Passionate attention to other men and women can make your “goal” feel that you are not only good at one person because of “scheduling”. However, don’t be too enthusiastic about other women, a Central Plains Because it is not difficult to imagine. Method 9, let yourself show the dew why, I don’t care how others look at me! – If no one looks at you, only the shadow of your life will follow you. Be sure to let others notice you. However, don’t let yourself be a guy who has to show yourself everywhere. This is a point that all women hate. Method 10, give her a chance to observe you secretly, under the premise that the cowhide is not blown, describe to her the “deviant” behavior that you did on the weekend (of course, not breaking the law, not ethical behavior, virtual behavior) Also can). The most sought-after girls often live the most boring and boring life – “dark lovers” are often afraid to take the initiative to invite them because they are afraid of being rejected. Moreover, for those things that are at your fingertips, the better the condition, the more girls will be dismissive. So, since you didn’t put her in the first place, and you are very happy, then… guess you like: What kind of help has the feeling that it helps to make love more passionate more content, please pay attention to both sexes Channel