Teach you to carefully prepare the most romantic things that women recognize

At the moment when boys and girls make love is the norm, people who are pursuing pleasure can not neglect the careful preparation of sex. If you are so mad and go to find a sister, the success rate of failure is still very high. But if you hold the door of the sister’s house with roses and red wine, you are likely to enjoy a passionate night of enjoyment and coziness. Three things to do before sex. Before you get ready to go to bed, make sure you have three things, including lubricants, condoms and a cup of warm water. Maybe you think you are in good health and don’t need oil, but think about it further, it’s not harmful to be prepared. If you suddenly realize this in your sexual life and can’t find it, that’s the worst thing. A cup of warm water can help you replenish your water in time after sex to better play the game. 2. Psychological preparation First, make sure you want to have sex and have expectations. If you have a “lack of desire” in your sexual life, you will find it difficult to get pleasure and hurt your partner’s feelings. Secondly, taking a deep breath before making love helps to let go of all the troubles of happiness, relax and focus on your partner. 3. After the event, it is best to “whisper” with your partner. For example, discuss what posture you want to take, or admit that you are a little tired today and hope that your partner will work harder. 1. Shower a lot of men said that after sex, the most wanted thing to do is to take a bath with your lover. In the steaming bathroom, they can continue to appreciate each other’s body and caress each other. Hot water can also stimulate blood circulation and relieve male fatigue. 2, after the end of talkative life, many women also like to chat with their partners, chat with words, or recall the good feelings of the past, or talk about some topics between the two. Experts believe that sexual intercourse is the best time for men and women to communicate. But sexologists warn women that it is best to start talking by praising each other’s sexual ability, which makes men feel very satisfied, and men are not easy to doze off, which helps to maintain a sexy and warm atmosphere. 3. Massage between massage partners can keep the two people in touch and enjoy the intimate feeling of skin. However, women should be careful not to stimulate the lower body of the woman during massage, mainly to make both sides feel comfortable. 4. Embrace most women who like to hug and lie with their partners after making love. They curled up in the arms of men and continued to experience the satisfaction and happiness of physical contact. Many men have the same needs, which gives them the opportunity to continue to show their male power. Experts believe that this approach is most conducive to further deepen the relationship between men and women.