What about postpartum coldness? What are the reasons?

For women, fertility is a watershed. Some young women will have varying degrees of sexual indifference after childbirth, which is quite different from the intensity of sexual desire before birth. At this time, the mother may not know it because she is busy feeding the child, but she can suffer from the husband who has been waiting for ten months. In general, the main reasons for postpartum sexual coldness are as follows: 1. Premature sexual life after childbirth, women will have systemic and reproductive system changes after birth, which will have a certain inhibitory effect on sexual desire, generally to postpartum two. In a month, all organs can return to normal, and then sex can begin. If sexual life begins too early after birth, it is easy for the wife to be sexually disgusted. 2, postpartum hormonal changes in postpartum, estrogen decreased sharply. The anterior pituitary gland begins to secrete hormones that stimulate milk secretion. Because the lack of estrogen can cause changes in the vagina of women, and then the difficulty of sexual intercourse affects sexual desire. In the absence of sex hormones, the vaginal wall becomes thinner because estrogen also has a certain effect on the blood flow to the soft tissue that supplies the vagina. If there is no normal blood supply, it will not be able to properly lubricate, making sexual intercourse difficult to perform properly. 3, changes in reproductive organs through childbirth, changes in female reproduction include: changes in the internal muscles of the vagina; tears or side cuts in the perineum, causing varying degrees of perineal damage; vaginal opening becomes wide; pelvic ligaments widen, uterus Also slightly larger than before. Because the postpartum vagina will have different degrees of change, the friction in sexual life is weakened, which has a certain impact on the quality of sexual life. As long as attention to postpartum recovery exercise, usually 3 months after delivery, the female’s vagina can be restored to the previous level. 4, reproductive system diseases Many women leave scars due to vulva and vaginal tears during childbirth, which reduces the sexual sensitivity of the genitals or causes pain in the narrow vagina; some cause discomfort due to postpartum complicated endometriosis or chronic pelvic inflammatory disease. There are also women suffering from fungal, trichomonas vaginitis, genital itching, increased vaginal discharge, burning pain and so on. Sexual desires are suppressed to varying degrees, affecting the sexual life between husband and wife. 5, improper contraceptive measures Some female friends did not take effective contraceptive measures after delivery. When you have sex, you are always afraid of fear of pregnancy; In addition, some couples use the method of sudden interruption of sexual life to achieve the purpose of contraception in the process of sharing the same room. Over time, it may lead to sexual indifference. 6. Overworked Many women often put their energy into the child after giving birth, but lack interest in sex itself. A woman after childbirth, from a wife to a mother, consumes a lot of mental and physical strength. For example, in daily life, you should breastfeed your baby, sleep with your baby, and sometimes get up with milk powder in the middle of the night. The change in the pace of life has seriously affected the biological clock, and a lot of physical expenditure has affected sexual life. If at this time the husband is sitting on the housework and the children, don’t care, don’t care, don’t help, and let the wife be busy, it will lead to the wife’s overwork, which is prone to sexual indifference. 7, psychological reasons affect the sex life is multi-faceted, in addition to physiological reasons, the psychological adjustment of both husband and wife is also very important, the husband should be more considerate and tolerant. In fact, there is no impatience in postpartum sexuality. The most important thing is to adjust the mentality, especially the husband and wife must understand each other and tolerate each other. If you have a reproductive system disease, don’t be shy about it, and treat it in time. For the cultivation of taste, both husband and wife should proceed step by step, so that the maternal gradually eliminates the resistance mentality and regains the desire.