What should I do if the other party hurts after breaking up?

Many people are not willing to be broken up and hurt. They always say: I want to retaliate against him! But what I really want to ask them is: Determined to retaliate to him, not to harm yourself? I know a girl. She accidentally pregnant her child with her boyfriend. The boyfriend ignored her pregnancy and continued to take the girl, the bright girl and other girls to go home to sleep. She had thought that her boyfriend would change her mind because she had a child. She didn’t expect her boyfriend to ask her to take off her child. She even lied to her that she would compensate her if she took the child. Later, when she took the child, after leaving the hospital, I and another friend took her to eat the body food, and told her that she should take good care of her body and stop doing stupid things. At that time, all the people who knew her advised her to leave the boyfriend and re-live her life. Although she promised everyone, she still broke with her ex-boyfriend. Later, after a long time, I didn’t see her. I didn’t expect to see her again the next time. I looked at her uplifted belly and shouted in surprise:… Are you pregnant again? Yes! The child’s father should not be the same man? Yes! Ok, I am speechless. I stayed there for too long because I was too surprised and angry. I am very sad to ask: Why do you still have to care for his children? I turned to ask her colleagues around her: Why don’t you persuade her, why should she let her continue to get pregnant? They shook their heads helplessly and said: We really have to say what we said, and finally we gave up. Because the child has been for months, can not be removed can only be born, and she is also eager to give birth, more importantly, she is exhausted the way to let her boyfriend, and her boyfriend does not know she pregnant. She wants to avenge her boyfriend, she said: I lost, must get it back! She is really stupid and naive, I really helpless, then I really believe that personality determines fate, some people can’t blame their parents for not giving birth to a good time, blaming God for being unfair, not letting a good life, strange Why can’t you meet a good man with his bad luck? What kind of life is usually caused by oneself, bad life, really can’t blame others. I don’t understand, why should I retaliate? Some people hate after breaking up, do not want to let the other party have a good life, and do not want to let themselves live well. More people punish each other by making themselves poor, but I really want to ask, are there any punishments for him? In fact, after he left, he didn’t care too much at all. He didn’t care about making himself everyday. He was not like a ghost. He didn’t mind being sad. He didn’t care if he died. thing. He was very happy and very cool. He was sympathetic at most, but such sympathy was worse than sympathy for the roadside in his heart. He knew it was very poor, but poorly shut his ass? ! But it is punishing himself, not retaliating against him. No matter how he retaliates in any way, he is wasting his life and strength. Even if he is hurt and retaliated, he feels very enjoyable, but after that? Just make yourself look awkward and waste your precious youth in a scum that has nothing to do with future life. Is he hurting his heart, is he responsible for all the misfortunes of the future? I feel that I am responsible for my own life. Letting a hurt person can easily ruin his life for a reason, which is not responsible for his own life. I want to avenge him, but I also retaliated against my life. I want to live in the wrong, keep memorizing it, how bad the life is, I have to take people to bury together, I can’t live well if I am not good, I can’t be happy if I am suffering, I am looking for it. If you are not happy, you can’t be happy than me. Just want to be a victim of eternal. In my heart, the most revenge is: you are in my life. It is not important at all! As for those who are not important, it is like a shit on the roadside. There are shit on every road, some people will continue to curse, some people will stand there for a long time, some people will quickly leave, but the smartest person is to see the shit flashing, unfortunately Just step on the shit and wipe it clean, then never put the shit on your heart. Someone asked him: Have you stepped on the shit? He would say: What is the dog? I have forgotten it, is that important? Those who hurt, like the shit on the side of the road, look at what kind of mood to face it. To retaliate against others, it is just to take a shit and shame, and to smother others and stink yourself. What’s even worse is to take the shackles and throw them away. Still want to retaliate, then I will tell, just waste your life and shit. After the farce is over, you will find that this is really just a glimpse.