6 factors that lead to a woman’s sexual indifference

Women are the most prone to sexual indifference, and this situation needs to be corrected in many ways. Both husband and wife must understand sexual physiology and sexual psychology, master the different characteristics of sexual desire and sexual excitement, understand the significance of sexual life to people’s normal life and development, and abandon prejudice and misunderstanding of sexual life. First of all, we must rule out the factors that will lead to sexual indifference. Sex fiction one night stand sex show emotion story couple emotion

Women should not ignore the warning of menstrual pain

Many women have experienced dysmenorrhea, but due to the special nature of dysmenorrhea, the time lasts for a short time. Most people don’t care too much. They usually endure and eat a few painkillers at most. In fact, the body pain is the body warning us. Never ignore it. Dysmenorrhea is a health warning signal. “The dysmenorrhea is forbearing and forbearing.” At present, many women think that dysmenorrhea is not a disease, and they often hold a good attitude. In fact, this idea is very irresponsible. Gynecologists point out that dysmenorrhea may be your health warning signal. read more

Women should be alert to killers who endanger reproductive health

Because of the influence of body structure, gynecological diseases are a problem that women have to avoid. In life, bacteria can be described everywhere. Female friends must pay attention to this point. There are eight taboos in daily life that need more attention. In order to protect the health of private parts and prevent the invasion of gynecological diseases, what are the eight precautions? 2. Any scented soap, tampons, bath, paper towels, etc. Containing aroma or deodorant may cause infection. Experts explained that the chemical substances in addition to changing the vaginal odor, will read more

8 initiatives that cause breast pain in women

Women’s breasts, while soft, are also fragile and sensitive. If you are a little careless in your sexual affairs, you may be able to use your muscles too hard. In addition, women have symptoms of swelling and pain during special periods, such as menstruation and pregnancy. In addition, in addition to these unusual periods, there are other times when the pain continues to be more serious, we should go to the hospital in time to check if there are some causes in order to take measures for treatment. So why do women have breast pain? The six main causes are the culprit. First, the size of read more

Tubal ligation can be used for permanent contraception

There are many different methods of contraception, and only the tubal ligation is currently available to achieve permanent contraceptive effects. Tubal ligation is a permanent method of contraception. Common methods include incision of mesenteric tubal partial resection and ligation, fallopian tube bifurcation and ligation, fallopian tube ligation and tubal umbrella resection, and tubal ligation. Abdominal, anterior and posterior vaginal and groin, currently Tichang is mainly for abdominal surgery. Tubal ligation is performed to sterilize a woman, and as a result, the movement of the egg to read more

How should the three types of contraceptives be taken correctly?

Taking contraceptives is one of the most common methods of contraception. The contraceptives can be divided into long-acting contraceptives, short-acting contraceptives and emergency contraceptives. Each type of treatment is different and should be paid more attention. First, the long-acting contraceptive long-acting contraceptives are mainly composed of progesterone and long-acting estrogen. The principle of action is that after taking the drug, the active ingredient will be stored in the adipose tissue, and then slowly released, inhibiting ovulation and growing up. Effective contraceptive read more

The cutest 3 highlights of the condom

The cute thing not only has a bright appearance, but its function is also satisfactory. Among many contraceptives, condoms are the most lovely. People who don’t like sleeves don’t understand its true meaning and don’t see its highlights. Here, I will talk about the three most cute places of condoms. I believe that you will really like it after watching. Lovely 1: Safe and effective condoms are definitely the healthiest, safest, and most effective contraceptive tool. It does not cause any damage to the health of men and women. It is easy to use and simple. It fundamentally blocks read more

Women should eat less birth control pills after middle age

Oral contraceptives are one of the traditional methods of contraception that many couples choose. Perhaps younger, there is no problem with oral contraceptives, but gynaecologists still recommend: women should take less pill after the age of forty. Because women are facing menopausal problems after the age of forty, the hormone levels in their bodies are prone to dysregulation. If drugs are used again, they are more likely to cause endocrine disorders, which will have a series of effects on the body. Why should women use less contraceptives after their 40s? Let’s take a look at the reasons. read more

What are the hazards of people flow in the first pregnancy?

Today, the streets are all painless advertisements. With the opening of sex, more and more men and women are stealing the forbidden fruit too early. However, due to lack of understanding of sexual knowledge, lack of sexual experience, improper contraception, leading to unexpected pregnancy. Especially for some girls, when they are pregnant for the first time, they will always choose people. So, what are the first births? Do you know? However, there are many young women in their life who know some eugenics knowledge. After the first pregnancy, they suffer from colds, rubella, etc., or because read more

What are the pros and cons of in vitro sterilization?

In many contraceptive methods, in vitro excretion is specifically discussed as a problem because it has a greater impact on the effects of contraception and sexual pleasure for newlyweds. In vitro ejaculation method, in normal sexual life, when the man enters the climax, the moment of ejaculation, the penis is taken out and the semen is discharged outside the woman’s vagina to achieve the purpose of contraception. This method eliminates the need for a piece of towel or a stack of toilet paper to receive semen, and no other items are required. Therefore, it is economical and simple to use read more