Yang Mi’s exposure will not make a girl’s self-confidence: the hairline will retreat but the value will still be preserved.

According to Taiwan media reports, Yang Mi has performed many well-known dramas. His popularity has been quite fierce. She recently cooperated with Yan Jingtian in the costume drama “Wang Sha”, which also caused heated discussions after the broadcast. She even blasted the other party’s material during the recent interview. Stunned everyone. When it comes to hair problems, she reveals that even if the hairline retreats, the value of the hair can still be maintained, and the humor can be confident. Yan Jingtian had a rich history of love. He had had an eight-year relationship read more

The reason for the stoppage is airborne hot search Zhao Liying Tucao: people who hate the wrong heart

Zhao Liying A few days ago, after media reports that Zhao Liying’s TV series was released, he announced that he would enter the rest period and temporarily stopped taking new movies. It is reported that it is related to health reasons. Then “Zhao Liying stopped working reasons” on the hot search list. Hot search screenshots July 17th morning, Zhao Liying sent a text to squander the matter: “How come so fast today I got up early, I saw such an airborne hot search. Tired of rest is not normal? Then, start again! Recently very disgusting The person who saw the error.” Screenshot read more

“Sweet Crit” officially set the style of the girl to fight the hot summer

Luhan Decoration Tomorrow Guan Xiaoyu Decoration Fang Yuzi Zitian Decoration Sun Hao Shao Yuwei plays Song Xiaomi officially set by the deer energy drama “Sweet Crit” starring Lu Han, Guan Xiaotong, Yan Zitian, Shao Yuwei, Zhao Yue, Li Mengmeng, Ding Chengxin, etc., July 23 From the day on, sweetly landed on the Hunan Satellite TV Golden Eagle solo theater. “This is me” version of the posters synchronized exposure, strong colors fill the hero’s youth album, young and confident. “Sweet Crit” set on July 23rd, the bloody boy’s burning summer “Sweet read more

Small fresh meat on the field to play mobile phones! Jackie Chan: I really want to name it out.

Jackie Chan recently, in an interview with the media, Jackie Chan broke the news that some “fresh meat” actors in the film’s real performance, they do not shoot their own drama when they “have not leave the hand”, only to hear “boot” will put down the phone “enter the play” “. Jackie Chan’s elder brother said frankly that some of the traffic actor has lost their professionalism. When they are not filming, they can hardly find people. Unlike the past, they will prepare for work or study shooting methods in their leisure time. In read more

Yi Qian Qian Zhou Zhou Yuyu cooperation “You are the boy” two personality style poster exposure

Yi Qianqian had some people broke the news earlier, and Yi Jiu will appear in the film “Youth of the Boys” directed by Zeng Guoxiang. The film was produced by the original production team of “July and Ansheng”. This morning, the “Youth of You” official blog finally changed the avatar and background picture after a long silence, and released the first message “arranged.” Although there are only four words, it caused a commotion of fans, and more It was a strong search after a few hours. Screenshots This afternoon, “You of the Teenagers” read more




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据悉,宋祖儿目前还就读于美国纽约的Oakwood Friends School私立高中读书。

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