What should I do if the other party hurts after breaking up?

Many people are not willing to be broken up and hurt. They always say: I want to retaliate against him! But what I really want to ask them is: Determined to retaliate to him, not to harm yourself? I know a girl. She accidentally pregnant her child with her boyfriend. The boyfriend ignored her pregnancy and continued to take the girl, the bright girl and other girls to go home to sleep. She had thought that her boyfriend would change her mind because she had a child. She didn’t expect her boyfriend to ask her to take off her child. She even lied to her that she would compensate her if she read more

The best way to keep in good health is to have a good sex.

Psychologists, doctors, and real women all agree to you: If you want to maintain a healthy body and mind, the best way to maintain your health is to have a good sex. Spring night, you are happy to get up and take a shower, while screaming, wearing your most proud line, stepping out at a pleasant pace. Passers-by saw you all smile, especially men can not help but look at you and look at you. When you enter the office, you happily say good morning to your colleagues. You are energetic all day long. At the meeting, you put forward new ideas that have already been conceived and won the appreciation read more

Women with these qualities are more tired than men.

Today’s era is an era of equal freedom for men and women, and an era when women live the most. Women who have these qualities are more tired than men. Women who are too emotional are generally emotional, easy to estrus and easy to read, can not afford to fall. Sometimes I know that I don’t have you in my heart, and I still can’t forget him. He made a phone call, you are like grabbing a straw, and he said good night, you are moved. You stare at the phone day and night, looking forward to his message, waiting for only a grace. You know that people will change, but they can’t accept read more

What about postpartum coldness? What are the reasons?

For women, fertility is a watershed. Some young women will have varying degrees of sexual indifference after childbirth, which is quite different from the intensity of sexual desire before birth. At this time, the mother may not know it because she is busy feeding the child, but she can suffer from the husband who has been waiting for ten months. In general, the main reasons for postpartum sexual coldness are as follows: 1. Premature sexual life after childbirth, women will have systemic and reproductive system changes after birth, which will have a certain inhibitory effect on sexual desire, read more

Teach you to carefully prepare the most romantic things that women recognize

At the moment when boys and girls make love is the norm, people who are pursuing pleasure can not neglect the careful preparation of sex. If you are so mad and go to find a sister, the success rate of failure is still very high. But if you hold the door of the sister’s house with roses and red wine, you are likely to enjoy a passionate night of enjoyment and coziness. Three things to do before sex. Before you get ready to go to bed, make sure you have three things, including lubricants, condoms and a cup of warm water. Maybe you think you are in good health and don’t need oil, but read more

How is the office romance created?

The company has a new lady who wants every man to want to see more, and you are more willing to win her. Don’t worry? Don’t worry, the following suggestions can help you stand out from the diligence of many male colleagues and eventually win her heart. Method 1. Praise other female colleagues in front of her to praise other female colleagues is very attractive, this is a good way to understand whether she is interested in you. Observing her reaction, ecstasy, or do you think that you are childish and ridiculous? If she really feels a little troubled because of this, she is likely read more

How to aphrodisiac! How to eat aphrodisiac is better?

In the eyes of many people, all kinds of aphrodisiac drugs are life-saving straws for males who are indefensible. As long as they follow the doctor’s advice, they will be able to get rid of the disease. However, according to reports, sex experts estimate that 30% of ed (erectile dysfunction) men need to take anti-oxidants while taking drugs to get more “sexual well-being.” Professor Tegada, Dean of the Institute of Sexual Sciences of Madrid, Spain, was invited by the Singapore Men’s Health Research Association to report to the country that a group of men represented by read more

Food that can make white-collar workers more “moisturizing”

Modern white-collar women work under pressure, and they feel tired after a day. After going home, their sex time is getting less and less, their husband and wife’s feelings are getting weaker, and so on. In fact, food can help white-collar workers get rid of the status quo. 1. Women with dark iron leafy vegetables with iron deficiency anemia often feel physically weak. If you don’t get enough iron, your body can’t make hemoglobin, and oxygen deficiency can cause fatigue. Dark leafy vegetables like spinach and kale, have very few calories and fat, but are rich in iron and are read more

Men must look at the 6 kinds of meat that are delicious and aphrodisiac

Most of the men are carnivores. Some people are not even meaty. Because meat contains a lot of fat and cholesterol, long-term consumption of meat is not only harmful to the health of the body, but also has a certain inhibitory effect on sexual ability. Is there meat that can enhance sexual function? 3, pigeon meat. Pigeon meat and pigeon eggs are rich in protein, chondroitin, vitamins and iron, zinc and other nutrients. Chinese medicine believes that pigeon meat has the function of tonifying kidney and filling essence, warming yang and benefiting Qi. Steaming or simmering the pigeon meat, pigeon read more

How to improve the pregnancy rate in the same room during ovulation

The probability of pregnancy in the same room during ovulation is relatively high, but it depends on the physical condition of the woman. Under normal circumstances, ovulation is also regular, and it is expected to occur about 14 days before menstruation. The egg can survive in the fallopian tube for 1-2 days after being discharged from the ovary. The sperm of the man can maintain 2-3 days of fertilization ability in the woman’s reproductive tract. Therefore, sexual intercourse is easy to conceive in the days before and after the egg is discharged. In addition, we can also master the following read more