When is a woman ovulating?

Many female friends are very curious. There are a few days in the ovulation period. Everyone has different opinions. Although women’s menstrual cycle is long and short, the physiological cycle of women in each month can be divided into menstrual period, ovulation period and safety period. So, do you know what ovulation is? Do you know when a woman is ovulating? So let’s explain how many days of ovulation. In general, women’s ovulation date is generally about 14 days before the next menstrual cramps. The first 5 days and the last 4 days of the ovulation day, together with the read more

How do pregnant women count ovulation?

How do pregnant women count ovulation? If you want to get pregnant, you must know the time of ovulation, normal pregnancy, and a healthy baby. Women can calculate the time of ovulation according to the time of their menstrual period, or if they want more precise, they will go to the hospital. Do B-test, so you know the time of your ovulation period! What is the safe period of contraception? Normal women of childbearing age come to menstruation every 28 days or so, from the beginning of this menstrual cramp to the first day of the next menstrual cramp, called the 1 menstrual cycle. For example, read more

How do women calculate the most accurate ovulation period?

It is very important for a woman to love herself and to protect her body and to understand her ovulation period. However, most female friends tend to focus only on their own menstrual cycle, while ignoring the ovulation period. Today we will talk about what is ovulation, how to calculate the most accurate ovulation period. It is convenient for our female friends to be able to protect their bodies in the future. When is ovulation ovulation is the process by which egg cells are discharged together with surrounding cumulus granule cells. In normal menstruation, the female ovulation period is counted read more

How do couples exchange experiences of sex life?

Due to the shackles of feudal society and ethics for thousands of years, as of today, there are still many people who believe that husband and wife can only “intention” can not “talk”, talking about sex life is low-level, inferior, shameful. They only recognize that sexual life between husband and wife is necessary for reproduction and satisfying sexual desire. The result can only be a “obligatory” routine, it is impossible to increase the brilliance of life through sex life, and it is impossible to promote the relationship between husband and wife through read more

The first time I love boys, I need to pay attention to three things.

Even if sex is a man’s instinct, he can’t know how to deal with a series of problems with first sex. Before the boys prepare for their first life, in addition to learning some of the most basic sexual knowledge, understanding and mastering the sexual anatomy of men and women and the sexual physiology of men and women. Should also pay attention to the following three points: 1, too excited to deal with the approach is to create a relaxed environment in the first time, set aside sufficient time, so that everything can be carried out in a calm state. If the environment for making love read more

Are you a woman who thinks about men and nights?

Lead: When a female friend talks about the other half of the future, he always mentions “I hope that the other person can love me especially, especially hurts me.” Every girl wants to have a husband who loves her, but what kind of ideal wife is in the man’s heart? Women can only work hard in this direction if they understand the ideal needs of men first. Third, a woman like a beast’s woman on the bed may not have the ultimate face, but there must be an Amy Yiren Collection, and there must be a strong bed. She knows how to match each of your steps, always letting you stop read more

What should you pay attention to in your child’s sex education?

What aspects should be paid attention to in children’s sex education? Adolescent children are also full of curiosity about sex life, so sex education has become more and more important. In many cases, minors have been social and family reasons. Early exposure to some aspects of sex, because the psychological level of minors has not yet fully developed, they will have some misunderstandings about sex, so it is very important for children’s sex education. Adolescent sex education focuses on regulating emotions. There is no doubt that adolescent emotions become elusive. The first turning read more

Adolescent men and women must correctly understand sexual knowledge

During puberty, everyone is no stranger. This period of time is a very crucial period in everyone’s life. During this time, many people grow and develop very fast, and they begin to have sexual needs. Physiological changes may make adolescent children feel uncomfortable. Sometimes, they don’t know how to face these changes, and parents need to stand up. So, how to help adolescent children learn sexual knowledge? First, understand secondary sexual characteristics. The most prominent change in adolescence is the emergence of secondary sexual characteristics. From the appearance of read more

Boys’ “sex education” also needs attention

When it comes to boy sex education, many people will not agree after hearing it. They think that boy sex education is really not necessary. They think that sex education is a girl’s thing. In real life, boys will naturally learn about sex-related knowledge because of their strong curiosity. In fact, this view is half right. The boy will dare to explore sexual knowledge because of his curiosity about sex. But boys still need to receive sex education, because correct guidance is the responsibility of our adults, and no child can replace it. From the time of life, to the words of “from read more

What should children do when they are curious about male organs?

Whenever a child asks a sexual issue to a parent, the parent always associates these issues with “sexuality” in the eyes of an adult, so he often feels overwhelmed when answering such questions, and then blindly refuses. In response, some parents even think that young children are learning badly, and they are loudly reprimanded or snoring. These behaviors not only make the innocent children feel uncomfortable but feel the grievances, but also have a negative impact on the children’s physical and mental health in the future. So what should parents do with the embarrassing problems of read more